Search Tags: The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo, Our product: SERVICE. Our value-added: FINANCIAL ADVICE. Our competitive advantage: OUR PEOPLE, , by Richard M. Kovacevich, Chairman, The "Next Stage" : Going from Good to Great, , This is about the “Next Stage” for you and our company. It’s about who we are, where we’re headed and about how you—as a valued Wells Fargo team member—can help us get there and share in our collective success., , We are a big company. We’re the largest financial institution headquartered in the western U.S. We span all of North America. Our stock market value exceeds $110 billion. Forbes ranks us as the world’s 26th leading company based on a composite of sales, assets, profits and market value. We’re in the top 20 among all U.S. companies in profits and market value. We’re one of America’s 40 largest private employers, with more than 155,000 team members. We’ll continue to grow—not to become bigger but as a result of getting better., , Regardless of how big we are and how much territory we cover, we share, as one team, certain values that hold us together wherever we are and whatever we do. It doesn’t matter what our responsibilities are, our levels or titles, what businesses we’re part of, or where we live and work. We all should know our vision. We all should know how we contribute to achieving that vision. We all should be passionate about our values and share them with others. We believe everyone on our team is important and deserves respect. We believe everyone contributes to Wells Fargo being known as one of America’s great companies., Where We're Headed: Our Vision, So, this is about our vision for being one of America’s great companies. This is not a task. This is a journey., Every journey has a destination. To get to that destination, you need a vision. Ours is an ambitious one. We want to satisfy all of our customers' financial needs, help them succeed financially, be the premier provider of financial services in every one of our markets, and be known as one of America's great companies., By many measures, we’re already a great company. A Fortune magazine survey ranks us America’s “most admired” large bank. Barron’s ranks us the best financial services company in the world. We’re the only "Aaa" – credit-rated bank in the United States, the highest rating possible from Moody’s Investors Service. How do we become known as great in all measures? It requires a total focus on the customer, partnering as one Wells Fargo to earn 100 percent of every customer’s business. It requires extraordinary execution—the key to success. A well-conceived strategy is important, but I could give our strategic plan to our competitors and not worry about it—because it’s all about execution. A second-rate strategy perfectly executed will beat a first-rate strategy poorly executed every time. Our journey to great requires persistence, consistency and determination. We’ve focused on this vision and executed against our business model for nearly two decades, but there’s still much to learn, much to teach, much to share, and much to do., ,