Search Tags: AAA’s Automobile Club has Evolved into a Major Organization, AAA has come a long way from the horse and buggy days when a small number of drivers had to battle for rights to the road. Founded in 1902 when a thousand drivers complained about the lack of highways suitable for automobiles, AAA has blossomed into a national consortium of various independent motor clubs — and is now the largest auto club in the Northern hemisphere. AAA is also affiliated with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)., , From our humble beginnings, when we simply printed and distributed maps and hotel guides, AAA has gone on to develop a number of safety programs for schools and drivers. We’ve also launched a popular program, offering roadside assistance, and created the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety., , We also Satisfy Your Non-auto Needs, , Among AAA auto club's diverse product lines are health, life, vehicle & homeowners' insurance policies — along with maps, travel guides, and travel information. The modest annual fee covers a multitude of services, including travel and hotel reservations and discounts, automobile purchasing and financing, as well as roadside emergency assistance, and all types of financial and educational programs — available online or by phone, around the clock., For your club's Membership services,, Please enter your zip code, So we can serve you better:, , Automobile Association Offers More Than 100 Years Of Service and Satisfaction, “You've come a long way, baby,” a commercial used to say. This is also true of the largest automobile association in the Northern hemisphere, the American Automobile Association (better known as “Triple A” or AAA). Among its many products are health, life, vehicle and homeowners' insurance policies, maps and travel guides and travel information. Its many services include travel and hospitality industry reservations and discounts, vehicle purchasing, automobile services and financing services, as well as roadside emergency service and all types of financial and educational programs., , AAA's modest annual fee covers a multitude of services – available online or by phone, around the clock. AAA offers a number of cost-savings programs as well. Call your local AAA office today for more information regarding the American Automobile Association and services available from AAA. If you are not sure how to contact your local AAA club, click on the box on this page and enter your zip code, then follow the prompts., , Founded on Simple Needs, Founded in 1902, the American Automobile Association is a national consortium of various independent motor clubs, originally created by 1,000 auto enthusiasts demanding a response to a lack of highways suitable for automobiles. The organization added a small number of local and regional motor clubs, eventually blossoming into the largest organization that covers the entire United States; additionally AAA is affiliated with the Canadian Automobile Association. From its initial mission lobbying for roads, AAA has expanded its scope to printing maps and hotel guides, developing school safety patrol and driver safety programs, as well as offering roadside assistance. AAA created the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Click here and discover how AAA can make life easier for you and provide information regarding the many services and insurance plans available from your local AAA club., , The Benefits of Membership, The American Automobile Association offers many valuable tools in today's hustle and bustle society that is always on the go - securing insurance for home, car, health and life, loans and financial services, providing travel information, reservations and special cost saving deals for travel around the globe, working with small businesses, and much, much more. In addition, the automobile association has partnered with other groups in the arena of finance and insurance, to provide members access to their expertise and discounted services. AAA focuses on making this a win-win partnership between the automobile association and AAA members. It works!, , Count on AAA’s Array of Helpful, Practical Financial Services, AAA’s financial services can help satisfy a variety of needs by offering a vast selection of products and services, including security systems, foreign currency exchange, car loans, IRAs, and credit card offers — including the AAA Visa® credit card, which combines features and benefits that members desire.,